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With offices in New York and India, S & G Star supplies diamonds to major watch designers, larger jewelry manufacturers, celebrity jewelry lines, and other names in the jewelry industry. We have the ability and take on the responsibility of all of the steps associated with preparing stones for your company and then ship them directly to you or your contractor, whether you are located in the US or abroad.

We provide well assorted diamonds, which directly impacts your bottom line. Our resources in India consistently and accurately prepare our diamond assortments. With our fine American precision, we add value to the final selection, which generates savings through outsourcing.

We specialize in Single Cuts, Full Cuts, Rounds, and Fancies. Our diamonds range from .003pts up to 1 carat. All of our diamonds are prepared, sized, and bagged with the utmost of accuracy and consistency. Once the evaluation and preparation is complete, the stones are then packaged and ship to the destination of your choice.

In an effort to serve you with the highest quality service, we are responsible to keep you informed of market activities and changes. Our strength as a diamond wholesaler is to understand your needs so we constantly monitor fluctuations in the marketplace and will always supply you with the best possible stone your budget will allow.

S&G Star Corp. is a valued member of our community by supporting and donating to the Share and Care Foundation to support underprivileged women and children, as well as donating to Save the Children and the Shri Vadnagar Nagrik Mandel hospital for glaucoma in India.

We are supporters of not only our local community but also communities worldwide. Through our donation and support we hope to make the world a better place. We pay tribute to doing business the American way; we support equality and fairness in the workplace as well as hire the handicapped.

Our lifetime of experience shows through in the stones we offer and the expertise we are able to give our customers. Please contact us for more information about our operations and how we can best serve your company.

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