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With over three decades of experience we know what our customers want – an excellent service and the best prices possible; we offer both.
At S&G Star we offer a selection of large quantities of small Kimberly Process Certified diamonds for you to choose from. We specialize in single cuts and small full cut diamonds ranging in sizes from .0026pts up to 1 carat. All of our diamonds are sorted by size and bagged with the greatest of accuracy and consistency. After the stones are sorted they are then packaged and express shipped to the destination of your choosing.
Our branch in India assorts and prepares the stones while our New York branch are able to make the superlative final selection with American precision and experience. This adds value to the product and generates savings through outsourcing, giving you the best price possible.

Our abilities and superior knowledge of the market keep us a step above the competition, allowing us to keep you informed of changes in the market. It is our job to keep you informed and understand your needs, as to better serve you and get you the best possible stone for your budget. Our unsurpassed customer service allows us to send a gemological experts directly to your door no matter where you are in the world. We are here to serve you and give you the finest product available.

By being the best female owned and operated diamond distributors, S&G Star is met with a certain level of respect not seen with other Diamond distributors, we are unique. With our superior level of knowledge of our market and product, excellent customer service and lifetime of experience we are the clear choice for all of your diamond needs.

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